Lists go hand in hand with the film industry. Every year, actor, director, genre, theme, location, style, language… absolutely everything has a list somewhere on the internet. I love lists, they are fun to read, debate over and compile. Obviously not everybody agrees, but the discussion over lists can dig up films you’d never heard of or had forgotten about. In other words, lists are awesome.

I try not to change my lists once they are published but sometimes it is hard. When it comes to my yearly lists I don’t have a set number, instead I include every film I rated 4.5 or 5.0. Naturally as you watch more you’ll find a one or two to add to your lists, so these lists come with the cavet that they are subject to change.

Yearly lists are my indepth yearly summary. It features a short little review for each film and a small list of honorable mentions. Decade lists are summaries of that decade. These don’t contain any detail, they are broken down by year and then bullet pointed within the list.

Yearly Lists

sound of my voice 2012

Decade Summaries


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