This is the End (2013)

this is the end posterA slightly random observation, why are all the apocalyptic comedies coming out a year after the apocalypse was meant to take place? I guess it doesn’t matter, because no matter what year it was released This is the End would always be highly anticipated. The film is a rowdy apocalyptic R-rated comedy featuring some of the best comedic actors currently working and they are all playing themselves. The concept sells itself and was always destined to become a hot film. By starring one of the most charismatic, charming and tight-knit casts of the all-time, This is the End is one of the most unique comedies ever made.

Jay Baruchel and Seth Rogen are the best of friends, but living in different cities is a strain on their relationship. Seth talks Jay into visiting Los Angeles, promising him to have the greatest weekend ever. After an epic video gaming and p0t smoking session, the pair go to the opening of James Franco’s new house with Seth promising Jay it’ll be the wildest party ever. Once at Franco’s house, Jay feels separated from Seth and as such wants to escape. But now Jay can’t escape, trapped in a house he doesn’t like with people he doesn’t like all because of the damn apocalypse.

Right off the bat you know these dudes are the best of friends in real life. It doesn’t take a scientist to see the chemistry they all share with each other. This is the biggest asset of This is the End, no matter how you feel about the jokes or the content, it is impossible not to feel like you are a part of the gang. They invite you in, give you a big old bear hug and let you join in on their apocalyptic adventures. This is a benefit of having these actors play themselves, the audience don’t need time to get invested nor do they need time to believe the relationship, the film can just jump straight into the hearty laughs and not have to worry about making an effort with characters. Brilliant idea.

this is the end

As soon as ‘This is the End‘ is plastered on the big screen, we see a messy half-asleep Seth Rogen picking up his best friend at the airport. From here the film moves at the speed of a hungry demon the laughs literally do not stop until the end credits roll. It is one of the few times I can confidently say that I giggled every 30 seconds and the laugh per minute count for even the grumpiest human would be off the scales. I don’t like to throw around the word impossible, but if you aren’t laughing during this then you are a broken person in need of help. It is impossible. The laughs come from dozens of talented actors in dozens of different forms. Some of it is intelligent, some it is dumb. In a minute it’ll go from crass to sweet… wrong, self-deprecating, dark, rude, parody, meta, referential. It has everything.

Behind the camera are Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. If starring, writing and producing wasn’t enough, these 2 also want to make their directorial debut. Whilst This is the End doesn’t set any new ground from a technical standpoint, the pair manage to create great balance. The film, whilst mostly functioning as a comedy, does blend into horror as well and there are plenty of hilarious shit-your-pants moments, to the point where I had screaming girls in my cinema. They also show great competency in scale, with the destruction scenes very well-handled and they’d feel right out home in a summer tentpole.

This is the End is brilliant. First watch comedies don’t get much better or much funnier than this. The cast are simply awesome and this close-knit group of real-life friends display wonderful on-screen chemistry. Go in with as little knowledge as possible, avoid the trailer if possible, and enjoy the crazy apocalyptic ride!

4.0 out of 5.0


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